When pale girls tan: TanOrganic

Summer is enjoying its swan song right now so I thought I'd talk about how to keep a little bit of it with you. I'm super pale and I really like my default skin. I also, however, like trying new things and I have never tried fake tan. I know, what? I was curious so I thought I'd give it a whirl and change up my look.

As I've said, I enjoy being pale so I wasn't looking to go full Oopma Loompa, I doubt anyone is but regardless, I wanted something subtle - a little radiant pick-me-up. I tried out the TanOrganic Tan Trilogy Try-Me kit which includes an exfoliating glove to ready your skin or erase your previous tan, a mitt to apply your new one, self tan spray and moisturising oil to lock in the tan when you're done.

You can gradually build up your tan and re-apply it as you see fit but being a novice I stuck to the "less is more" notion and I think it served me well. I think it's also better to apply a new layer every evening if you're looking to get a more sunkissed look. Using the kit was super easy and quick, though I did mess up a patch on the back of my leg which I rectified the next day XD

It takes eight hours to really develop and while I was quite dark at first, after my shower in the morning I was content. I loved the natural fade and the fact that I couldn't really smell much. I'm quite familiar with that fake tan smell from my years at fashion school, I remember one particular moment when someone yelled, "Oh my god, who is wearing fake tan? I can smell it!".

TanOrganic is also cruelty-free and lacks all that icky paraben business with 99.6% natural ingredients. I mashed up some pics I took before and after application to give you a good idea of how it came out. If you're interested you can shop the products online at http://www.tanorganic.co.za/ Xx.


Henriette Botha A/W 2015

Charming young South African jewellery designer, Henriette Botha, unveiled her new fall collection this week. Instead of opting for the darker colours so associated with fall, her collection SOUTH brings us just the right amount of bright that we crave when the days are grey. Inspired by Brazilian prints, Mexican attitude and Sicilian vibrance, this mix of cultural influences was evident in her use of textures and juxtaposition. Henriette's knotting, beadwork, chains and tassels combine to create bold statement accessories but she didn't forget about the gals who love their delicate bracelets and earrings. With a CV including a stint at Balmain, this girl is pretty impressive. I'm glad we didn't lose her to Paris! Shop the line at www.henriettebotha.com.



I love taking photographs and like most people these days, I think it's important to document everything; a snapshot of what our life is like right now, what our latest fervent obsessions are and what our environment looks like. Things change so quickly and feelings fade much too fast. A photo transports us the same way a song or a fragrance does and all of sudden we're in touch with something so familiar that was once forgotten. We wonder how and when things got hazy. Given enough time, even the frivolous becomes symbolic. That cheap necklace we wore during the two years we were caught between laughter and heartache or our fascination with changing our hair as much as we changed our minds.

This is what my world looks like at the moment. Soft kimonos over everything, beautiful treasures from India, pretty packaging and hair experiments. I'm heavy into the 90s and it's funny how much cleaner and streamlined trends are the second time around. The kinks are all worked out and there's no clumsy evolution to navigate through. I'll do things like take a look at freshtrends.com and dream of sporting a nose ring just as I did as a 90s kid but this time around, I'll settle for an ear cuff. I'm craving a weekend of online shopping and relaxing in baths with incense smoking nearby. Cheers to everything that's happening in my, and your world right now. Xx


SAXAS & Dura Lavora Sexy Summer Launch

Over the summer I finally got to attend a SAXAS party! SAXAS is a fabulous South African swimwear brand offering stunning beachwear, key items and accessories. This vibrant, fun and cruelty-free label is designed by Charlotte Clark. Not only is this girlboss ambitious and gorgeous but she's had a lot of experience in the fashion industry and is super savvy to boot. The hip details on the SAXAS bikinis are fantastic; I don't know about you but even at my lowest weight, I found boring bottoms frustratingly unflattering. Delicate sides, ties and O-rings are where it's at! I personally can't wait to get my hands on the purple Sesimbra bikini. 

SAXAS threw its Sexy Summer Launch together with Dura Lavora at The Glen Boutique Hotel. Dura Lavora is a distributor of overseas beauty brands and they had their Fake Bake sunless tanning products, pretty accessories and well-priced flash tattoos (finally!) on display. I drooled over their glitter Sleep-In Rollers. Gaga fierceness. The Glen Boutique Spa also joined in on the fun with its Rain products and I got to enjoy a foot massage by the pool. Ok...shopping, champagne and spa treatments, can you say summer heaven? 

You too can have some swimwear fun by hosting your very own SAXAS party where you can earn commissions and free swimwear. Alternatively, keep your eyes peeled on their Facebook page if you want to attend the next one. Time to hit the beach, babes! Xx


Hello New Year

Dress - Brandy Melville

Can we be friends? I feel as if I have a little headache but I think you're just the ticket for it. I remember getting pushed into the pool and pulling people in last night. Kimonos look so beautiful in the water. Some guy yelled out that he was making sure the designer shoes were out of danger but I just couldn't stop laughing. The beautiful boy with dark curls grabbed my hand and pulled me out. We ran to the car, somewhere in Sea Point, me in this wet dress and him in his underwear. We were stalled when my bag broke, spilling its contents everywhere but he tied it back together and we were on our way. There's just something about summer and the way the breeze feels. Happy new year x

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