The Set-Up

Sunglasses - Wildfox
Top - Brandy Melville
Kimono - Brandy Melville
Shorts - Unif
Boots - Unif 

Destroyed the boys? No, I just broke them in so other girls will want a taste of them. Prom king dressed as a poet. I never did want a Ken doll who collects friends and plays pretend. In the end, I couldn't blame you for becoming the boy I thought you were. I had a feeling you'd keep those weak kneesIf you set me up, I'll knock you down. If you feel vindicated then it all worked out the way it was supposed to. There were no mistakes just like there are no coincidences. I gave you what you always wanted and I know you love it. Put that pretty crown on. After all, you can't con an honest man.


FEDISA Graduate Collection Show 2014

Last weekend I attended the FEDISA Graduate Collection Show and as usual, it didn't cease to amaze. Case in point; I saw so many beautiful pieces that narrowing down these photos was almost impossible, I think you can tell. The fashion college celebrated its tenth year of design excellence and kicked off the event with a dimly-lit runway where the first year collection literally lit up the catwalk with avant-garde garments incorporating LED elements. Next came the second year range which played with texture, cut-outs and embellishments, weaving its way through a nature theme. 

Some of the most exciting news was that FEDISA, in partnership with The Foschini Group, are now offering bursaries to students who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to study there. We got to see two applicants being surprised with the news that they are going to attend the prestigious institution in 2015. I totally teared up watching those clips because FEDISA was one of the best things to ever happen to me and I knew exactly how elated those girls felt.

Now to discuss the graduate collections which included bodysuits, bell sleeves, cut-outs, texture, prints and sheer elements, to name just a few trends that caught my eye. Raeesa Brey's solid collection epitomised cool with dark tones and on-point styling. Emily Hellens showcased beautiful Victorian-inspired pieces with an added dash of steampunk which I loved. I also went crazy for Yolisa Payi's asylum concept featuring Hannibal Lecter masks and straitjacket-esque clothing devoid of sleeves. 

Now, can I just say that the boys really brought it? Karl Van Duyn's stunningly embellished, ostrich-feathered affair was a feast for the eyes while Brandon Ashby's all-black collection had strong cuts and interesting panels. Let's also just talk about 'Roots' by Bokang Lehabe - finally some African fashion I can get obsessed with! With dense fabrics, textures galore and beautiful cohesion, this range was very well-executed. 

Well, I could go on and on describing the remaining collections but I will just congratulate all of the students whose hard work made it to the runway (and wants to make it into mine and my boyfriend's closet, just saying) and extend my thanks to FEDISA. What a pleasure. You can check out my Facebook page for upcoming uploads of more from the show.


HTC The One

Like any millennial, I'm addicted to my smartphone but my old one got stuck in a reboot loop and it wouldn't even charge or turn on. Luckily I was due for an upgrade but I had no idea what to go for because I didn't want to switch from an Android OS and I thought I didn't have many options. Right around that time, HTC contacted me to see if I'd like to be a brand ambassador for them so I did some research and subsequently wanted to slap myself for not being more familiar with their products. After some googling, I saw that the HTC One M8 beat out its competitors to win Phone of the Year at the 2014 T3 Gadget Awards so I knew I was missing out on something fantastic. Long story short, I was all, "Sign me up stat, I have to get my hands on this".

Well, I got my hands all over that and I'm a complete convert. Hallelujah, seriously. Last week HTC flew a few of us up to Jozi for the HTC The One event at Churchills Bar in Melrose Arch. Illusionist Larry Soffer did some magic for the crowd, pulling cards and cash out of phones as well as hypnotising the Truth coffee dude to feel whenever Leigh was poked. Later, my blogger pals got their new HTC One M8 phones set up while I was busy abusing the selfie mode on mine. I was so excited for everyone to get in on what I'd already had a chance to discover, that HTC really is The One. Yeah I'm corny as hell but girl, THIS PHONE! 

So what makes it so great? Well for one, the battery life is amazing (3:30am-and-you've-had-your-phone-on-all-day-and-it's-at-30% amazing) and the camera situation is crazy. There's a front-facing camera and a Duo Camera at the back for depth perception ensuring a fast, focused snap which you can edit to your heart's content. You've got a beautiful 5-inch screen, a powerful processor, an SD card slot and BoomSound speakers which perform so much better than what I'm used to. The phone is smart as hell, ringing louder when its hidden in your handbag and softer once you've found it. There's a super convenient built-in app called BlinkFeed which houses all the social media updates you want to see, as well as any news from topics of your choosing, in one place. I could go on forever but you get the picture - I'm in love. 

Keep your eyes peeled on the blog, we've got something exciting planned ;) Thanks to Masamo and the HTC team for all your hard work.


Zuri Halloween Giveaway

Dress - Vintage
Hairband - Zuri
Necklace - Zuri
Cuff - Zuri
Rings - Zuri
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell at Office

I absolutely love Halloween and with my new dark grey hair, who better to be than Wednesday? My favourite costumes are the ones you can create last-minute from your own closet because it gives you an opportunity to get creative with make up and use your own key accessories to add that personal touch to your look. This is what I'm going to be rocking at the end of the month and now Zuri is giving one of my readers the chance to win all of the accessories pictured, just in time for Halloween!

I know I love the gothy stuff but if that's not your thing, I did include some pretty stackable rings and a chain cuff that you can either wear lose and low or tight and high. LOVE ❤

How to enter: use the Rafflecopter widget below to follow Zuri on at least two social networks. If you already follow them, just confirm this.

If you have Twitter, you can enter again by tweeting the message within the widget which you'll get a chance to preview before you publish. Basically, the more actions you take, the more your entries you'll get. Easy as pumpkin pie!

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This competition is only open to South African residents. The winner will be announced on the 28th of October. Good luck!

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