Rare Style Finales of MBFWCT

Marianne Fassler



Gavin Rajah


Craig Port

Leigh Schubert


I wanted to share a snapshot of some of the Rare Style on display at this year's fashion week. There was a strong Asian influence in many of the collections and a focus on light colour ways. White and pastel dominated, with pops of orange and fuchsia warming things up. Femininity was king (or rather queen) with delicate fabrics occupying the runway while glitzy embellishments, geometric prints and headwear added interesting touches.

There's really nothing like experiencing fashion week in the front row where you can almost feel the garments so I wanted to thank The Macallan for hooking me up with the best seat in the house for my favourite event of the year. I can't wait to see how South African fashionistas interpret the trends this summer!

Rare Style with The Macallan at MBFWCT

At fashion week this year, I wanted to do something a little different so I partnered with a brand that is all about sophistication, The Macallan. The Macallan is the most precious single malt whisky in the world and they're all about classic style and luxury. If you've seen Skyfall, you might remember James Bond toasting with Macallan; I love a good whisky and I have to say, Bond knows where's it's at! 

The Macallan collaborated with me to bring you fashion week's Rare Style, as chosen by me, from the VIP lounge to the runway. This is what some of the fashionable guests had to say about what Rare Style means to them.

"Rare Style is all about interpretation and individualism." "It's taking a trend and making it your own as well as being able to mix designer with chain store buys."

"I really like to see what the young designers are doing and interpret it in my own way."

"You've got to be confident!" "It's all about fit, fit is very important."

"It's about putting something together well, just following your own instincts and feeling good in what you're wearing."

"What makes Rare Style? An awesome subject!"

"It's about individuality." "No kitten heels!"

"I really believe in the quote 'fashion fades, style is eternal'. Style is something you have, it's not something you can get by paying attention to what everyone else is doing."

"It's about expressing yourself and also the way fabrics and textures go together."

"It's about originality, that's something people can't take away from you."

Fashionistas and fashionmisters all agree that looking good is simply about being true to yourself, and hey, what's more stylish than that?


Win VIP Tickets to MBFWCT!

I've been going to fashion week for a few years now and it's always a blast checking out the new collections and hanging with the fashion crowd. This year Mercedes Benz is offering one SA Fashion Girl reader the chance to win VIP tickets for you and a partner to the opening night of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town! 

The prize: Two VIP tickets to the first night of Fashion Week on the 24th of July at the Cape Town International Convention Centre where you'll be seeing collections from Lara Klawikowski, Spilt Milk, Gavin Rajah, Stefania Morland, W35t and Shana. Between shows you'll be hanging out in the VIP lounge where they serve drinks and snacks.

Sound like a great night out? Well, all you have to do to enter is get your selfie on! Snap a pic of yourself using the hashtag #MBFWCTselfie. If you're tweeting the pic, tag @safashiongirl and @MB_FashionSA in your entry. If you're instagramming it, tag @safashiongirl and @MBfashionweekSA. That's it!

Entries close late Sunday evening on the 20th of July and the winner will be notified first thing on Monday morning. As long as you can get to the venue, you can enter. What are you waiting for? Let me see those selfies!


SFG X YDE - Ultraviolence

Top - Bombshell at YDE
Necklaces - Ruby at YDE
Spike Bracelet - Lulu at YDE
Pants - Phenomena at YDE
Shoes - Sexy With Attitude at YDE

Lana Del Rey on repeat and taking to the streets. The music follows me, it dances in my head and swings into my steps. Blood red nails and a burgundy tank with black chains on the sides. I don't wear much colour but I have a feeling that my current affair with red is here to stay. 

I think too much, I feel too much and I want too much. I used to say I wouldn't have it any other way but when the days get grey, I might want to turn it off a little. Tonight I'll drink some wine and play cards. If things ever get too heavy, we can always go back to New York where the noise of the city drowns out our thoughts and the lights keep us warm.


SFG X YDE - Hide away

Top- Blake at YDE
Skirt - Blake at YDE
Necklace - Ruby at YDE
Cuff - Lulu at YDE
Heels- Sexy With Attitude at YDE

Reminiscing about a few years ago when the world was at our door and the whole country was ecstatic. I just love those moments when you know that everyone else is experiencing something with you.

Heels erreday, no matter where we're going. It's silly but they make me feel like I can handle anything. Some days I feel shy and self-conscious, like I want to hide away for a little while. I never took myself for an introvert but I think everyone needs some alone time. I've got all these ideas swimming around in my head, decisions to make and obligations to fulfil. After a little recharge, I'll be ready to be up and at 'em. I think it's time for some Sunday downtime before a crazy new week begins. x

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