Ruby shoot - behind the scenes

Recently Ruby contacted me to take part in their new campaign and I couldn't wait to get to set! I absolutely love Ruby; they've made some of my favorite pretty (and comfy!) underwear, not to mention beautiful accessories - and if anyone knows me, they know that I drop most of my shopping money on those shiny things. Last month, a few of us bloggers were invited to choose an archetype and take part in a pamper session before shooting for their new range. First we went to Enmasse in Gardens for a Thai massage and tea (wowza that was an interesting but great experience haha!) and then I headed to Wembley Studios. I ate the most delicious red velvet cupcake before washing it down with champagne (insert MIA swaggin goin' swell gif here) and got to meet sweethearts Farrah (codename: siren), Cleo (AKA: Grecian goddess), Carlinn (pseudonym: wood nymph) and Judy (alias: champion of upcycling). I also got to catch up with Bailey (moniker: mermaid) and now I want a GoPro, check out her cute behind the scenes video here.

For my archetype I chose 'modern-day witch' and make up artist Jade Snell created a masterpiece. I'd worked with her before but this time we got to go crazy with make up, I'm talking blue glitter overdose and a third eye! I'm really into theatrical looks so I had a blast shooting. Let's talk about the jewellery for a second here, I wanted to go Winona and steal everything. They have beautiful crystal necklaces, dangly earrings that dreams are made of and a crescent moon necklace that I have to buy right. now.

Special thanks to Robyn, Kayla and the photography team for the Ruby Pamper and Pout experience! I can't wait to see the final images.


Bailey Schneider said...

LOVE THIS!!!! You looked incredible!

Abby said...

This looked like it was so much fun and that eye is amazing.


Hunter-Rose said...

These pictures are amazing!! Enjoyed looking through them xx

Annoula said...

It gives me great inspiration and excitement that there are such talented fashion stylists and bloggers in South Africa, which i am home to. Considering the state of our economy it's comforting to know that there are fashion industries and outlets, out there who are trying to provide clothing which is fashionable yet very affordable for the majority of the country.

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