Fashion Show


I had the most amazing night ever at the fashion show. I can't wait to get the DVD because I was backstage and never got to see the show in its entirety. First I scrambled to get my model ready and did a last minute job stitching chains to her sleeve but to no avail, they kept falling off! I had to take a needle from a 3rd year getting ready nearby.

They wanted me to make it all crazy like. I could say it's about war and bloodshed but let's just enjoy the cool bullets.

My lovely cousin came in after I did a run through and saved the day with her make up skills while I was getting my make up done. My entire face was airbrushed and I got light yellow/green eyes. My girl Purusha straightened my hair quickly and I got into my outfit. Then I hung out with the models I was walking with and the designer of the collection. Then some red bull promo girls gave us free red bull so they could take pictures. Woo free stuff.

When I heard the music begin pulsing backstage I was so excited, imagining my model walking. Soon it was my turn and I just had fun with it. I was dressed in a harajuku range and, due to my love of a dark palette, I had never worn so many bright colours at once before. Just before the show, my dress was falling off so the designer had to quickly safety pin it for me.

The creativity on display was of such a high standard. The whole year's work was jam packed into 1 hour, 800 goody bags, pounds of make up and oceans of hairspray. Mesmerizing stuff. It was so exciting and the energy was overwhelming. I'm glad I got to model, to experience the whole deal. Then at the end I got to walk with my design which was a very exciting moment.

I just discovered fellow blogger and fashion student, TWayne today whose designs are right behind mine in these photos.

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