Corset complications


This seems to be all I use lately...

I'm going a bit crazy right now, working for seven hours straight takes its toll on one's work...come 12:30 my sewing quality went way down and I spent the next 2 hours unpicking and re-sewing a simple guide line. Then I got home and looked at my lovely satin outer shell, it was beautifully and quickly sewn but a problem started staring me in the face, my front panel is too narrow without a side panel to match it. So now, I have to remake a pattern and cut out all three layers of side panels. I have to interface 4 of them and sew them back on. i also have to alter my skirt pattern, all the while it's the second week I'm working on this, I'm supposed to at least be finished my corset by now.

I am so tired of cutting out fabric, making patterns and interfacing them, all I want to do is sew and I can't. I'm going to have to work all of next week to catch up. It's difficult working without assistance, it's trial and error as well as a waste of time and fabric. But I know that in a few weeks, I will have valuable knowledge and experience enabling me to do more on more own. It's just a couple complications to get through before I can reap what I sew.

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