Hello kiddies?


On Thursday I have the Hello Kitty Mac Launch, I'm so excited. I get to preview the range before everyone else and it has so many intense pinks which get me all crazy like. I recently discovered that although I have an aversion to pink, it works for my pale complexion the best. Which is sort of what life does to you, doesn't it? I'm not into blonde guys and I bet you I'll end up marrying one.

I went to an 80s party last week, it was so fun, like being in a time warp. Love the clothes, love the music. This year it's all about themes due to all the 21sts I'm going to. My next one is themed, "kiddies". Every fashion savvy girl knows it's about making the theme work for you and not working for the theme. Unless you roll that way of course, nothing wrong with being silly.

Every day there's been something going on, fabric shopping, story boards to finish, patterns to make, grading to avoid (oh god I hate grading). Right now I'm very content to relax and veg out, brother. 

I've discovered how valuable research is, designs just fall into place after enough research is done. Here are my latest designs for the Crystal Gala, the theme was Venetian Masked Ball.

I'm making the 1st one although I do love the other two. I'm making it in green and accenting it with peacock feathers and my scary as hell venetian mask. I swear I have to go into accessories or writing because I always seem to gravitate towards those fields. I was just dripping with excitement when I thought of an elegant ball gown coupled with a scary as hell venetian mask.

I'm going to post the 80s party photos next ;)

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