Hello Kitty Mac Collection


Monday's over! How fast is this year going? I'm quite happy about it though, 1st term is almost down. I haven't actually been working on my ball gown as it's art week but I'll have it done soon. I went to see a lady about a petticoat today so we'll see what happens with that.

So on Thursday I had the Hello Kitty MAC Launch, it was really fun. They had male models in pink bow ties handing out drinks and others in dominatrix style giant Hello Kitty heads. I had a conversation with one of them, god it was funny, I talked his ears off and all he did was gesticulate. I think it's a good match...good listeners are hard to come by, right?

Bustier - Mom's from the 80s 
Skirt - Betsey Johnson
Shoes - Zoom 

I've started buying off of Ebay, I bought some buttons. I really want to use them on crisp white shirts or a delicate white dresses with lace detail. Wow, it's cold. I'm so excited to lay in bed, play some playstation and relax. x

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