Fashion machine


I tell ya sometimes all a fashionista needs is a greasy cheeseburger and a hot bath. I'm down with some sleep about now. I've been on the floor all day cutting, cutting, cutting. That's what you get for making a skirt with 6 panels! Pause button please, I need more time! But not just to finish the ball gown, to relax.

I dragged my two machines home today, tomorrow I'm going to be running around, I have no idea where to even start, take both of my machines? No thanks. I swear I'm getting muscles from 2nd years' carrying, forget the sewing! Right now I'm taking a break and by tonight I'll be gathering my skirt and embellishing my corset. But all I want now is cuddling in soft pajamas and rain outside.

Time to plug in my machines! Or nap time rather. Mmm yes!

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