Change of clothes


  • Peeptoe ankle boots
  • oversized grey cardigan
  • comfy and chic sweater
  • new flat shoes (my pup destroyed most of mine)
  • white shirts
  • skirts
  • dresses
  • masculine additions
  • accessories, always accessories
That is what I call a successful shopping trip. Probably the most successful one I have ever had. Besides shopping overseas, that is pretty incomparable. I love Lipsy, they have amazing designer inspired pieces. I got a purple ruffle dress resembling a See by Chloe' getup as well as a cute asymmetiric LBD with a white bow.

See by Chloe'

Zac Posen

Last night I had some new friends over, we lit sparklers and played dirty scrabble. Just the right amount of glamour and grunge, as always.

I've seen some people I know recently and they seem to be in a style rut. They still dress the same way they did in high school and since our dress reflects our state, I'm going to assume that little has changed in their lives. No one should look like their whiny 15 year old self. That angst is to be replaced by a more favorable new emotion that has direction; passion. Passion ignites and so begins our life. Dress up for excellence. It feels natural to look in my wardrobe every couple of years and think, "Nope, doesn't work for me anymore." Financing those thoughts however is a different roll of thread.

Sometimes we become more aware of what works on us and what doesn't and surrender accordingly. I mean, my 14 year old self never in a million years would have touched anything pink. But it's the best lip colour on my complexion so it's hot pink make up all the way these days. Had you mentioned a new penchant for white shirts, I would have sneered. I still adore a little punk but it's no longer the only option for me. I want to dress classy, grungy, trashy, silly, simple, neon, edgy, glamorous, tacky, cute, girly, masculine - there are no limits here! Every day is another day to dress how we feel. It's difficult to embrace that if our whole wardrobe caters to one style.

All aside I acknowledge that some things will never change and that's not necessarily a bad thing. I know that I will never evolve with one of my tastes because there is one fashion question I will never abandon; "Does it come in black?"

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