Today's Look - Statement Skirt


I found this little gem at Foschini. I must give kudos to their design department, I instantly recognised the detail from Luella Spring/Summer 09.

So on Wednesday I went back to college and I'm really loving it. I feel like hugging my overlocker I'm so impressed with it. I baked cupcakes, watched project runway and went out with two girls last night, it was fun to hang out with them, pity the clubs were so boring and no one else made any effort to dress up, we stuck out like 3 stylish sore thumbs. But I'd always rather be overdressed than underdressed. I'm much more comfortable when I love what I'm wearing. 

I'm loving this winter weather! Relaxing at home brings my soft comfortable clothing out of my wardrobe. Ahh, I got the most amazing duck feather duvet at @home as well as some beautiful black storage boxes, candles etc. I love burning candles and incense every day. 

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