I saw the sign


I love 90s music. I've been Ace of Basing it today. Don't turn around cos you're gonna see my heart breaking! It's a beautiful life oh oh oh oh. They make me happy and I need some happy because I'm sick with an acute throat infection and sinusitis. When he said I had "acute throat" I thought he was flattering me, ha ha. It was one of those situations where you realize what was said just a second too late so you react in the wrong way. So if you were still wondering me + foot in mouth = very well acquainted. Oh and just yesterday my lecturer suggested that my friend read in her newly found spare time. Instead of saying I wish I had time to finish a book what with college I said, "I wish I could finish a book." As if I'm someone who just can't. 
I was so sick yesterday that I almost passed out, so I think this illness is my body telling me to stop working so hard. For the first time in a year and a half of fashion school, I was physically unable to go to college. Needless to say I'm freaking out. I have 3 pairs of pants to finish! But I did manage to complete my window display yesterday. Blogging about my work is a great way to keep me even more motivated as I love updating. So what's a fashionista to do when she is sick? Watch the new Gossip Girl of course! Hahah

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