Now in 3D


Shorts shorts, I've made 3 pairs of pants this term and every seam is stitching into place, feeling more confident about making them. This Winter I'm making everyone pj pants! Well, I say that now but I know I'll be having Sanlam freakouts! It's so ironic, I was designing these dresses with the required 4 traits; luxury, quality, creativity and beauty in mind and thinking to myself, "Ha! Imagine making these crazy 3D sculptured dresses, I wouldn't even know where to start." Lo and behold... I'm excited though, I'm interested to challenge myself.

It's storyboard weekend, I have to design corporate wear, not the funnest because the brief is really specific. It has to be black, it has to be professional, it cannot show cleavage, it has to fit in with their image. Fabric shopping tomorrow for lots and lots of personal projects. Can't wait to make my little sweetheart dress.

I made an index page for my Thread magazine last night by playing around with my scanner. The magazine has been a two-term project for visual studies.

Have a great weekend, hopefully with not as much work as mine! x

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