This is called the end of the road


I'm dead tired after a long day rushing to finish, unpicking, hating my button hole foot, getting the strongest guy to pick my buttonholes open, having him bleed on my white shirt from all of the pins and finally complete acceptance, this is rock bottom, just a couple more hours, and then further sinking into oblivion and away from everything for a while.
Needless to say the shirt I am still working on is not my best work but it will be completed which means, as bad as the finishes may be, as untidy as the sewing is, as incorrect as my buttonholes are, I have 3 other garment pieces to fall back on. So I'm ok with it. So be it. Tonight I will be hand sewing, editing my magazine and finally printing it. I will then fall into bed after some vodka. I just remembered I left my vodka at a friend. This Tuesday...even Jono and Alisha's puppy fell over the desk.
I won't even think about next term, the amount of work...eee! Either I speed up or I stop being such a perfectionist. Something will have to change.
Until tomorrow

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