Baby, I've been here before, I've seen this room and I've walked this floor.


Yesterday we all heard that a 1st year, Kate passed away in a car accident last night. It's so sad, it just never sinks in that someone, anyone could be gone in one evening. Perspective comes at you like a slap in the face. A poor young girl gone, no more experiences, everything becoming nothing. The briefs that sit in her bag; never read, the new make up; worn once. The tragedy about life is that perspective is so fleeting, we always forget to live the best we can.

It seems supernatural almost. As if this week has been building up to disaster. I've been having horrible dreams and people around me have been unhappy this week as well, experiencing problem after problem. I've felt negative vibes, like a cold hand on my shoulder. Personally, I've had a bad week. I've spoken about how I dislike blogging when I'm upset about something but I must acknowledge that I do have bad days and I do get affected by things. I'm a sensitive girl. But I don't write negatively about people, it's dramatic and disrespectful even if you feel they upset you. I believe in everyone's privacy and respect so I keep my opinions to myself, good and bad alike. At the end of the day I realize that everything people do in life, everywhere they are is right for them at that time and I only support growing and changing, whether it be by mistakes or not.

I try to look at everything positively because things have improved for me by adapting this year. I'm going to have a relaxing night in watching The Devil Wears Prada on Mnet.

Rest in Peace Kate x. My thoughts are with your family and loved ones.

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