I'm back


At college that is. I've never been so happy and recharged, I'm fresher and understanding better. Now that I see patterns in my head and understand how everything is going to be put together, it makes working so much easier and faster, instead of just following instructions. I finally feel like I know what I'm doing and just in time for the Project Runway challenge we're going to be put through this semester. Nada assistance. Zilch.

So last term I made 4 pieces. This term, that's what I'm starting with! I'm going to make a v-neck, raglan, tank and hoodie and then onto denim! Lots of sewing which is great, the more marks to chose from the merrier, last term my sewing was laughable but I'm not in any trouble, I just want to get better.

Today's patterns

I've always been so good at theory and so scared to practically do things. I have to be 100% sure when I'm working with my hands but I'm learning to be less cautious, of course today that resulted in my cutting off seam allowance off my v-neck pattern but still, it's progress, all is fixed and I only have the tank to do tomorrow as well as the hoodie ribbing. I am so excited to make the hoodie, I must sit down and design it for myself. I have crazy buttons, spikes, studs and zips so I must pimp it out.

Long sleeve blocks totally look like tombstones

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