No Mogwais were injured in the making of this tank top


Today I have to finish all the tops I started this week, I also have to research Origami and fold some fabric, I'm really into Origami fashion, I was going to use it in my next drapery and now it turns out it's the theme. The 3rd term is in full swing. 2 weeks down, 7 to go until the next break. I think we need all the breaks we can get. I got a new phone, It's a Nokia XpressMusic, it's amazing. I'm just happy to have something that works until my upgrade is due. I finished 2 tops yesterday, I ironed a Mogwai on my tank and gave him chinese food and a pretzel. I'm a weird one, haha.

The other day at college, I pricked myself twice within one minute of pinning my patterns to my fabric, I swear I must have pricked myself about a thousand times in the past year and a half. The year has gone so fast, I can't keep up! There's this group of us who always stay late at college, it's always so fun, a stitch and bitch about life except with a straight guy who makes fun of everyone. Have a great weekend! x

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