Saturday fabric shopping and a change of clothes


I'm going fabric shopping today, the best time to actually go is early on weekdays as it's not so crowded but I don't have that opportunity so I leave it until the weekend when I'm not too tired to walk up 5 flights of stairs. Today, I'm going somewhere new, I've been loyal to Fabric City but I have to look around, I wish I had more time to look at fabric but usually I just get what I need on a list, promising myself that I will browse in the holidays. Which of course, doesn't happen when the fabric store you hear great things about is miles and miles away from your house. I'm thinking of black, white and grey for the new tops, this way I can customize them with my crazy buttons and studs.

I'm really happy in my life right now, creating tangible things with my hands has helped to make me feel as if anything is possible. Old world skills should still be taught in schools, I was lucky enough to go to a primary school that included needlework in the syllabus. In saying this though, there are amazing videos on YouTube these days that can teach you tons about knitting and sewing. So it all balances out in the end. Our generation is so lucky to have information at our fingertips.

I now realize what happiness is, I'm spending time (when I get a chance!) with people who aren't so negative. When I was younger, I didn't fit in so I thought anyone who did accept me was a gem. Even up to last year I made that mistake but I have a better perspective on things now. It's hard looking at one's past, so many things I thought or did were so naive and to think that when I was 16 I was sure that I knew everything there was to know about the world.

Change is very good and too many people are scared of it! I had a friend once who was scared of it for a living and that's so not me! I wasted so much time trying to change people to fit in with me instead of figuring it out and letting go, giving everyone the freedom to find the people they are actually suited to. You need to fill your life with positive people who influence you to do better and encourage and support you. And what's right for one person is terrible for another so just follow your heart. There is a fine line between changing and replacing though, so don't replace, change! x

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