Connect the dots?


Today everything felt tired, distant and slow so I'm glad I didn't have a lot of work to do. I just made a golf shirt pattern. Then we were all told what we had to correct on our knitwear and I don't have to change a thing, all I have to do is top stitching on my tank armhole so I'm going to do it in the morning. It's very rewarding, not having to re-do anything. I tried on my hoodie, I love it so much. I found the hoodie very easy and enjoyed making it because I did most of it at home. I'm having trouble connecting the dots, where the pattern ends and where the new hoodie in my closet begins. I honestly can't get my head around sewing this baby up. It's just crazy, I can make clothes now!? When did that happen? I had never touched a sewing machine before college, it just shows that you can do anything you put your mind to.

Golf Shirt pattern

I don't know whether I'm addicted to online shopping or getting things in the mail but I got some custom acrylic jewelry from CBT's Closet today. I found out the difference between lapped and mitered V necks for tech drawings, I just made a lapped one a week ago, a stretchy black close fit. I can't wait until all of these things are moderated so that I can wear them! I have technical drawings of jeans to do tonight. Keep safe everyone. X

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