Stress machine


I'm making time to blog right now because I go a little crazy if I can't write out what's in my head and all the work puts a lot in my head. Right now I'm busy with two seperate storyboards. One is an avant garde bias cut collection for which I'm concentrating on romantic pastels. I always try to tackle new areas, there are so many things I want to design and never enough time.
Then I'm working on a different project, really boxy movie themed boards, I'm thinking of putting film on the hem and using shiny fabric to retain the futuristic and glamourous feel of everything. These boards are rendered entirely on Photoshop.

So much stress! Then I have jeans to begin and finish asap, my food shoot to edit for Monday and I'm re-doing a sketch of a man in colour. I really prefer pencil drawings, they just look better than the colour versions. I've been so sick that I couldn't work on Thursday, Friday and can't today either. I've got some kind of stomach bug so everything is on hold until I can actually do something. I just got out of bed to finally update. x

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