Sugar, you are my candy girl


Time has slipped by and I haven't been able to blog, in fact I am knee deep in a swamp of assignments but I have a college prom party tonight that I am determined to go to. I just can't refuse a formal ball, I love dressing up. A fancy dress and killer shoes, you know it. So I'll keep this short and sweet with my styled food shoot from last weekend using real candyfloss.
I'm really getting interested in styling now that I'm doing shoots. I've been working on my croquis book as well, it's so great to get out of the city, with nothing to distract you. I've been forcing myself to get 7 and a half hours of sleep every night also and it's helping my productivity. Just in time for this Friday; jeans to start and finish, 2 seperate sets of storyboards and 13 male figures spread over 3 A2s and 1 A3. Whew!

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