Sweet electric Sunday


Jumper from Foschini

Today I went for breakfast; cinnamon and sugar pancakes, toast and buttah. My boy bought me tons of accessories from Diva. I love that store, every time I go shopping, I pick up something from there. It's been a blur of blue and red; one a man cannot see, one a man cannot help but see. I get monthly manicures and pedicures and on Friday I went for red and white.

I went for dinner on Friday and they had the coolest massage chair there that I got to try out. I went out to a dress up party a while ago, the theme was male fantasies. I danced with a lip pierced nurse who was collecting Jagermeister vials. I think we're going to be fast friends. Life is so crazy, how it brings people to you that you knew once upon a time or people you were so close to without even knowing. I'm thinking about changing my hair, everyone wants me to be a full blonde again and I'm leaning towards it too. I bought Manic Panic Virgin Snow to maintain the white.

Lately I've been listening to Masterworks Reworked, a whole bunch of classical remixes. I'm also into Koop Island Blues, that song is so beautiful. I have some work to finish for tomorrow when all the madness begins again. I got 70% for my tank top pattern, I am so psyched! I want to take my hoodie back, at least to photograph it. I'm going to live in that thing! I'm really happy right now, hope everyone had a great weekend. x

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