Biker Vixen - Work in progress


Here's a peek of what I was working on the other day for the challenge, I've almost finished my shorts, I just have to measure my model so that I can make the waistband. The two outfits will be judged on Thursday and the top scores will get into the annual fashion show so it's really exciting stuff! I've gone the simpler route with my designs, a lot of people are doing 3D avant garde things; the theme is abstract geometry, I was inspired by street signs so I found myself in biker chic land.
I'm excited because I haven't gotten a chance to design street wear and we are required to work with denim which I've recently gotten properly acquainted with. The top and dress are stop sign and chevron like in shape. I'm going to work on stuff tonight and tomorrow. I'm having so much fun. I can't believe that I can work unassisted, I don't know how I managed to retain all of this knowledge because it's mainly one hit wonder song lyrics up there. True story, a little bit of Monica in my life, a little bit of Erica by my side, a little bit of Rita is all I need..
I have so much fun refabricating and embellishing. I also adore accessories, I made some last night, I superglued eyelets into a wristband, laced it up with an old corset cord and put spikes on top. I always use accessories to really send my concepts home. I think I should go into that sphere of design as I am super focused on details, they make everything for me. Have an amazing Saturday x

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