Final designs


I just had a growth spurt, making clothes from scratch with no help really catapults you into independence. I believe in my designs and I believe in what I have to offer the world of fashion. My history lecturer adored my designs, he told me after the presentation we all gave so I thought I was going to get in the show but I didn't. The annual fashion show is the big deal every year but it's mainly to showcase the 3rd years. It's a blessing in disguise because it will give me time to recharge for 3rd year. I think I might have done better if I put volume into my garments because they picked avant garde pleated white and denim designs. But I didn't want to go that direction because I wanted to do something sleek and fitted as I had never gotten the chance before.
I've had a rough couple of weeks but it's all finally finished and I have some time on my hands. I think facials, massages, manicures and pedicures are in order as well as hair even though it was just done, I'm just interested in living, grooming, doing things for myself instead of sitting behind a machine all day, it got a bit too intense at the end. I want to sleep a full nights sleep again and then go out all night. Summer is coming soon and every Christmas holiday is an ongoing pool party that feels like Los Angeles. x

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