Today's Look - Pretty Rough


Vintage bustier
Zoom heels
Diva accessories
Misfit necklace
Urban Outfitters cardigan 

Vacations bring the opportunity to play dress up. Glitter and grunge, dirty sequins and pristine studs. Gritty webcam and phone shots to match. Right now I'm really into mixing delicate textures, colours and embellishments with rough ones. It's the ultimate outfit because it's the ultimate woman, person, human; yin and yang, light and dark. Balance at its best. We all have a shiny side and a misty one. I remember being very young, waiting around at an airport, thinking about how badly I wanted some Doc Matins to wear with a super feminine skirt, I thought I was a genuis. The close ups are post accessorising, never doubt the power of accessories. I bought my favorite necklace ever this week, it's a long silver chain with working scissors and a bobbin.

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