Fast forward


4th term = wah wah waaaaah. I just can't get into it. My mind is in clothing stores overseas, the only way I'm functioning is by putting every little task into my phone, for some reason, it's making me do them. Will I ever not have things to do?! I'm going mad with college work and errands. My 9am - 2pm college hours really screw me. I mean, I'm house hunting at the moment and I can't even find the time to go! Forget booking a dentist visit, booking flights, getting a visa, fabric shopping or going for hair. It's gotten so bad that bored people are getting on my nerves, bored?! I would give anything to have the chance to get bored!

Where I spend my days, my jeans are in the top left, haha 

I haven't been able to examine everything I've accomplished because I've always got several tasks waiting to be completed. I just want a chance to switch off, my mind has been wrung out and I just want to think for a second. I want to live like I shop for a little bit: slowly, taking everything in, touching, looking twice and trying on. I love life's messiness but this isn't messy, it's fast forward, it's not impulsive, it's on speed. I can't even wait to get on a plane (terrified of flying) to sit and read, to fly away somewhere and get out of the schedules. It's not just me, once, when someone in class said they like to nap every day, the entire class of 2nd year was astounded, asking "Where do you get the time?"

My entire week next week is completely filled up already with work and appointments. I really enjoy being busy because it feels productive but this kind busy feels like slave labour! Juswt 5 more weeks, here's the last thing I did when I got a minute to myself, a friend's birthday card envelope. I just want more time for the sweet things in life. Here's hoping it's going sweet for you. xx

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