Pop the glock


Whew I gotta admit, motivation is hard to find this term. I feel like I can almost touch 3rd year, my mind is so involved in my collection, I’m trying hard to some up with the name for my line. It needs to be something rough and pretty, something edgy but beautiful. A little like Marla Singer, I’ve just started a new blog to archive my “Lusting after” and “Inspiration” pictures, they've all got a lot of thought behind them so it's a shame to just rotate without archiving the passion behind it. My first entry is An Ode to Marla Singer. 

I'm thinking of traveling at the end of the year, flying away some place cold and doing some shopping. I'm scared of flying but I love traveling, sometimes all I want to do is get on a plane, it's a strange conflict of interests. I'm really craving the Summer but I want a white Christmas for once. I'm having lots of product withdrawals haha, like Lush cosmetics. I'm addicted to US tv at the moment, its new fall season line up, I'm watching everything from Melrose Place to So You Think You Can Dance. I'm also a little obsessed with internet meme pics as you can probably tell but that one's been a long time coming.

I’m going to start a jacket pattern tomorrow, gotta get going, just 6 weeks left of 2nd year! I keep on getting asked what I want to do after college, I'm very interested in several options including designing clothes, shoes, swimwear, lingerie and accessories, styling, writing, costume design, visual merchandising, buying, marketing, packaging, customer services, reasearch, trendforcasting and custom work. So I've still got a lot to figure out, luckily my college specializes in everything so I haven't had to pick a major, this unfortunately means there is a crazy amount of work but it's worth it to keep one's options open.

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