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I've been an internet junkie since I was 9, I kid you not. I used to make little websites, things were quite innocent then, no facebook, just guestbooks! I was just part of a bunch of little kids being creative. Making websites is an art, in fact most computer coding, flash, animation or photoshop work is seen as less to do with talent than it is, but it is a creative outlet that requires skill like any other art form. 

I had to do my last figures on photoshop and I think I'll continue digitally rendering, I'm the type of person that has great ideas but I can't put them to paper. I can make them or write about them but drawing them never quite captures what I have in my head. This is frowned upon, I'm always being told to sketch more and that my rendering is bringing down my concepts. You're never going to be good at everything and that's ok! My art skills are good enough for me right now, they have developed quickly over the last two years. I prefer compiling collages, writing and thinking about what I want to make, drawing takes me very long to perfectly articulate something that I want to. 

I wish my course was tailor-made for every student, everyone just needs to be encouraged and appreciated for what they're good at. You don't ever really get a pat on the back for anything in fashion, it's a competitive dog eat dog business so I guess this is all good preparation. It's fine, I'm a happy person so I can take the bullshit. Sometimes I think some of the things that are revered in life; speed, minimum input to get maximum output etc are things that we've got a bit wrong. Do everything you do with heart rather and try to have fun whenever you can. A life of happiness and fulfillment is more important than an assembly line state of being even though that's what's being thrown at us. 

Remember that bigger isn't always better and quantity limits quality. I'm always willing to learn though, life is about evolving, growing and changing. Never stunt your growth and never listen to naysayers! People love to put you down or keep mum when you do something great, it's hard to find people who are happy for you. Gimme a call if you need one x

"Dia de los Muertos" figure

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