Possesion Obsession - Jean Paul Gaultier's Fragile


There are a few products/items I have a cult obsession with. Jean Paul Gaultier's Fragile fragrance is one of these. The Fragile campaign was intoxicating; I'm a pale gal that has resisted tanning and when I saw how enchantingly milky the model looked next to super bronzed Aztec sun men I was down with being in her club. 

That goldilocks guy looks like he's writing a sonnet about her thigh in his head but I'm kinda disappointed with inexplicably dreadlocked guy, his focus is too non-committal for my liking.

But hold on a sec! You're telling me that the fragrance is housed in a gold glitter snowglobe with a muse inside!? I had been waiting for this like a bag lady at a bus stop. Sparkly and funtional is serious business (this doesn't apply to most sparkly things, like say vampires). The scent is a bonus, it has mysterious tuberose notes which has satisfying depth to it. I love switching perfumes to go with seasons/holidays/events because it instantly evokes that time whenever I wear it again. x

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