There is a light that never goes out


My jacket is finished and I got some good news, we're only making the other one next year and I'm almost finished that one's pattern. That means I have a lot more time to focus on my last art assignment, the proposed final collection for my last year. I'm also going to be making a headpiece for a textiles mark which is quite a fun brief. 

Hopefully my jacket makes the grade, my buttonholes and I seldom get along which is quite hilarious because I have an automatic buttonhole feature on my machine and I still manage to screw it up somehow! Haha, between the fabric being too thick, my measurement being too small (this calls for an intense button squeeze into the small buttonhole) and finally I massacre the buttonholes every time I unpick the middle. And I've had practice, I just don't have any patience for buttons because they're always one of the last things standing between me and a finished garment. 

Right now I'm trying to rest and get better so I can tackle my huge art project, here are the first pencil figures before rendering, I still religiously use the 9 heads method to elongate the legs, then I'm almost finished my croquis book. 

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