Work it hard , work it slow, never ever let it go


I should be working, what's new? I seriously need a new computer/laptop, my "e" key has broken off, it's not fixable, can you imagine what a drag it is exerting extra effort when you have to type an "e"? What can I say? I'm a masochist. So 3 more weeks and 2nd year is over. It's been a fast year with tons of ups and downs. Do years seem shorter when you get older? Seems like it!

So freedom is almost here, just some crazy assignments before then.  Guess what's been getting me through the work? OC reruns, so nice to have something in the background, don't listen to people who say working with tv is a no no, different strokes! I could never imagine hand sewing to cricket noises. How sad. Still have to finish my jacket! Welt pockets are a bitch to put in nicely. I've done 3 this year (well, this life) and I hate them, tough cookies! Darts are fun fun though and to think I used to hate darts the 1st time I sewed them. I must finish some art now (that's code for watching Project Runway/Family Guy) xx

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