The quiet before the storm


I saw an old friend yesterday, she made me some cds with The Breeders and The Kills. It fits in with the kind of slow tempo music I've been listening to latey. I can't get enough of Coconut Records, both albums are lovely. This year is going to get crazy as soon as college starts so I'm soaking up every minute till Monday. I got some new accessories from Diva, I'm addicted... I have dinner with friends tonight and I almost bought a bulldog haha, they're too delightful; a tough cookie exterior but really a regular softie.

I'm so excited to make my collection, I've been sketching all day, it's based on a mix of two ranges I thought up last year. I've been dead set on the concept for so long and reworking it to a more interesting place.

 My range is filled with contrasting textures, colour, embellishments and accessories if all goes to plan. I've ordered tons and tons of pyramid studs for it so I can figure out which colours will fit. The range is sexy but very wearable and it'll involve a lot of handsewing, I've always been more interested in embellishing and accessorizing, I think little details add so much to the big picture.

Anyway, I still have the last of the Canada photos sitting around so I'll be posting them soon!  Below is one of my favorite songs of all time and is one that inspired me, Your Woman by White Town. Have a great weekend! x

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