The evolution of a girl


Stealing some time to blog! It's the first week of 3rd year, my final year and truth be told I was freaking out about it. You forget things like all the different methods of sewing in a zip or doing welt pockets (curse you welt pockets!) and you start to think, "Oh no, am I supposed to be here, am I equipped enough?" Then I started to get into it and some skills came back out (except I don't think the welt pocket skills will ever come out) and you begin to make a mental note to forget about fear and doubt, until another time when you think you have no idea what's going on again.

The funny thing is, doubts and fears present themselves in other ways. One of my problems with art is that I do things too lightly, I'm too scared to really push down, really go into it. My art lecturer told me she sees the beginning of something happening but I'm too scared to take it there. I am not a natural artist, I'm one of those creative types who can't draw. I need to go further, need to work into it more and more and more, you think you're finished until you add a little black here and mix unusual colours there and it gets more dimension. My favorite medium is colour pencil because I find erasers so helpful but I think one day, I'll have to give up the eraser, till then x

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