Hiatus - I do have a tumor and it is called Marla.


I have officially gone crazy, the amount of work is piling up, I have to make a 3 piece outfit (jacket, skirt and top), accessories for it, style a photoshoot with the outfit, final storyboards (7 A3 storyboards), trendbook and moodboard, tech drawings, embellishment project (5 moodboards, 5 A3 storyboards), 2 illustrations and 7x5 pages exploring outfits - mostly all for the 15th of March. Oh yes, there's also a history essay, business work and a communications project.

So I'm going on hiatus until at least the 18th of March. I gotta love ya and leave ya so I can somehow do all of this work. xxxxxxx

drawing of Marla Singer

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