8 balls and Zebras


Playing around on the last sunny day before Winter. When I was younger all I wanted was an 8 ball, I got one in 2000 at FAO Schwarz and I was the happiest girl in the world. 8 balls still have all the answers 10 years later, my blue water has evaporated so now I can see through to the die. I'm wearing my favorite necklace here, the scissors with a bobbin, it's silver and the scissors open and close. I'm a sucker for details.

While I'm typing this my daschund is looking at me with his puppy eyes, he's jumped onto the chair next to me to hang out. I'm trying to grow my hair longer, I was going to take out all the other colours but I keep on changing my mind. I think I might just stop dying it and let it grow out to the tips all messy. I have to get to work tomorrow, sewing, cutting fabric and maybe doing a pattern for a pocket. I find the hardest part of working is sitting down and getting things out, after that I feel obligated. Have a great weekend! x

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