Boots that come with a story


Lazy Sunday in a Cookie Monster hoodie. I'm glad the weather is getting colder finally, I've worn all my dresses and skirts by now. I went shopping for the first time in ages, got so many girly DVDs and overseas magazines to tide me over for a while.

I bought these Aldo boots for $35 at a thrift store in Canada, they were the only ones like that there and small enough to fit my strangely small feet. It's South African size 3, American 5 I think? I walked past Aldo yesterday and saw them priced at R1600. So happy about the steal. I wore them to the Toronto Airport and it was the day after the attempted terrorist attack in December so little did we know we'd only get on the plane by the time we were supposed to already be in New York. I had been up all night packing to the Bring-It-On-A-Thon on Much, hilarious experience. I didn't know there were 5 different Bring It On movies so everytime a new one started I was so surprised. Also, the 3rd one is better than the 2nd, how does that happen? Anyway, I had to wait in line at the airport so I took off my shoes early. I hate taking shoes off at the airport especially these cos they are tight with no zips or anything. I had to get help pulling them off, I was sitting on the ground about 2 metres behind the metal detector getting my boots pulled off by my boyfriend, hearing teenage boys talk about District 9. When I reached the metal detector they made me pose in funny ways and even checked my hair. "It's the BOMB!" (circa Clueless when Murray shaves his head) Then this lady walked us to the plane in the rain, it was so dark outside even though it was about 8am. She asked me if I got my boots at Aldo because she was eyeing them there the other day so I told her the story. From airport professional to girl's girl in 2 seconds flat, I love that about fashion. Got to New York, signed in at the Sheraton Towers and fell asleep in the lobby. Haven't worn the boots since, been waiting for Winter.

Kind of at a little break in my life right now, I handed in an unfinished garment. I ran out of steam this entire term. It's a hiccup. I've had to put so much on the backburner in order to work that I started to rebel this year, not a good idea but good ideas are never as fun as bad ones. I'll see what happens, I know I'm in the same boat as a lot of people.

So excited to share my debut collection first outfit with you guys! x

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