So I'm back at college, the second week is almost down and right now I'm sewing my last men's piece. I prefer making women's clothes but at the same time I want the experience of making menswear, so I am happy to get it done. My previous men's piece came out really great, it was a classic black shirt and a pair of black jeans with stud and distressed details. I didn't do a photoshoot yet as I have to finish my jeans waitband but here are some progress shots:

This is the jean fly from the inside. I find the fly difficult to remember because there are so many steps but once the front is done, jeans are easy. 

Here's one of the back patch pockets, the other one is normal, I just thought the studs would be a nice touch.

 This is a pic I took while hand-sewing a collar onto a stand, men's shirts are actually fun when you leave out plackets!

Time seems to be going very fast lately, its almost the Fifa World Cup and then I start my first internship.  xx

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