Now I'm lost


Inspire the insane and young again. The wild child insomniac. The little daddy's girl lost. Poor little rich girl. Bed and coats, masks and garters. Games. Nothing can stop me now cos I don't care anymore. Pack up and leave town in your high heel shoes.

These are the final mood boards for my collection. Life is busy schedules right now, some exciting things are happening but I feel numb from sewing. I sleep all the time, I'm always tired. Lately I'm in a waiting room, I hate these. I'm a zombie in a fashion family of freaks. I love them so much because I spend every waking hour with them and only they get it. To explain to med students that we're too busy to see them is a world gone mad. I want to revel in it but I'm asleep. The moments I kill for are peeking at me, they're right behind and right ahead. I'm in the middle of the pool, choosing which way to swim. Swept up and put to bed, fed cake to claw at the decadence. I miss having more time. I'm all out of motivate pie. Sold outtt.  Hahaha. This is intermission, it's an anomaly I don't like to admit. Spontaneity coming soon. x

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