What are your overheads?


Today I went for tea, waffles and flapjacks with a friend. "Having tea" sounds so fancy, really it was just lots of syruppy carbs and Tarintino talk at 2 in the afternoon. I think Inglorious Basterds was amazing, really enjoyed it. I also got a laser pointer, did you ever see that Seinfeld with the laser pointer? Ahaha, I love them. All the 90s things got so hard to find, thank goodness for clothing-novelty hybrid Oriental shops owned by Italian guys. My friend works there and I also picked up these Engrish badges. So funny.

"I'M NO"? I love that it's in caps, I read it like it's shouting.

I went to Woolworths which is just bad news because of Benefit. I am addicted, stay away, the packaging and attention to detail is so cute you don't even notice the price going into 3 digits. They even label the brushes so you never mix your make up! I bought You Rebel tinted moisturiser and Confessions of a Concealaholic. It's pretty funny, you open the box and there's a pamphlet that reads "Dear Diary, I can't eat! I can't sleep! All I can think about is concealing." It's up my alley. I also got the new DKNY perfume because those magazine fragrance strips had me hooked. Damn you marketers, foiled again.

A while back I got these two gems at Wardrobe but I forgot to post them, I also got a new sewing foot for my machine, damn they are expensive! What do grandmothers make these days? I love it that my mom and I share the same shoe size and taste, she's traveling now so I'm excited to see what she brings back. I told her to go to Topshop, I went to the one in New York the day before New Years but it was chaos.

 My current arm candy

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