Concept: This is a story of the ultimate vixen who follows her impulses no matter what. She is strong and reckless, she believes it is better to make mistakes than play it safe, she learns from her bad ideas of which she has many. This is a bold personality we all have inside ourselves; we all crave to embrace that freedom. She is a character of paradox as she seeks absolute balance; she is rough but beautiful, sexual but sophisticated. This is a story of the light and dark within all of us and the journey to find harmony between the two. She doesn’t share all of her secrets, she offers a mere glimpse, exposing her vulnerability, teaching us that to be strong is to be secure with being vulnerable.  

Trend Direction: Coco Chanel and Courtney Love’s spawn. Glitter meets grunge, classy meets sexy.  Mysterious but exposed, deconstructed and destitute mixed with affluent luxury. Opposites attract.   

Historical Influences: Rebellious 20s flappers with their cigarettes, drop waists and fringing. 1920s New Orleans jazz and blues, the excess of Speakeasies, boudoir photographs, a time when anything sexual was mysterious and secret. 

Cultural Influences: French socialites, New Yorkers from the 20s to present day. Jazz, scratched sepia film and scratched records.  90s grunge.  
People: Clara Bow, Bette Davis, Catherine Deneuve, Courtney Love, Christina Amphlett, Cherie Currie
Movies: Secretary, Belle de Jour, Little Shop of Horrors, The Cell,  200 Cigarettes, Casino, Fight Club, Sherlock Holmes, Coco Before Chanel, Chicago, Moulin Rouge   
Music:  Your Woman - White Town, Sex and Candy - Marcy Playground, Rev 22:20 - Puscifer, Come on Closer - Jem, Koop Island Blues – Koop, Discombobulate - Hans Zimmer
Musical instruments: Harpsichords, cello, violin, accordion, saxophone, trumpet, brushed drums.   

Contemporary Trends: Valentino Fall 2009 couture, Hanna Beth Merjos, Fashion blogger style; mixes the delicate with the rough. Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2010 menswear, Gothic Lolita and ‘kinderwhore’ style. Street style.

Texture: Ripped, deconstructed, fringed, studded, netted and raw-edged versus slippery, glossy, feminine, sheer and silky.

Main Fabrications:  Stretch satin, mesh, chiffon and lace

Ancillary Fabrications: T-shirting, lycra, cotton, pongee lining, denim, leatherette

Colour Ways: Gritty black, dusty pinks and nude beige

Silhouette: Cinched, sleek, emphasis on female form, sharp, fitted, tailored and tight.

Embellishments:  Studs, rhinestones, lace, sequins, flowers, feathers, ribbon and buttons

Accessories: Band aids, gauze wrists, gauze ankles, crutches

Hair & Make-up: Messy, sexy bedroom hair, moody, smudged dark eyes with overload of clumpy mascara, bruising, light pouty lips, smudgy blush highlighting cheekbones.

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