Confetti gun


It's about time to post these! This party was car-razy. I don't know how another one will top it. In my time I've hosted parties that include KFC food fights, broken pool lilios & sauna benches, a broken nose and Awesome-o fights. But you know it's a party when a gay guy and a straight girl make out. 

Amongst Guitar Hero battles, party poppers, confetti guns, novelty lamps, gate crasher that no one knows who is seriously angry at the glass table he is banging his drink on, mic shredding karaoke, putting a girl to bed and dancing to No Scrubs at the end of it all; it was a night to remember. Thank you to everyone who came, the lovely old friends, the fashion school crowd and the new faces, you made it amazing. I bought the most tacky ring at the party shop that day and christened it my lucky ring, it worked! Party staple from now on.

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