It's witchcraft


I just finished my internship so now I have to get started on my 5th outfit. I really want a break so I'm only starting it next week. I'm quite excited because Daisy Island is putting my dress into production for their store. I had such a good time working for them and this is the best outcome I could have ever hoped for. At the back of their factory, they have a rail with clothes that didn't sell and they let me take whatever I wanted so I snatched up this baby, it reminds me of Wildfox Couture fall 2010.

On Saturday I picked up the lightbox Lucas made for me, I'm so happy with it, post will come soon. Then I went to The Lot and Wardrobe on Kloof to see what they had. I picked up three dresses and a cute top with fringing. I also got this floating stud ring, I adore these rings, would be a great option for those with tattooed fingers, still get to show 'em off.  On Tuesday I'm going to watch the Portugal vs Spain game at the stadium which I'm excited for, I don't know who to root for, I guess Spain because I enjoyed it there? Grand West is arranging the whole thing, we get driven to and from the game and then we get a night's stay at the hotel. I'm going with my mom and I'm thinking room service! My room service special is chocolate milkshakes and toasted cheeses/french fries. Gotta have it.  

I was looking forward to the holidays because I needed to recharge and I'm finally getting the chance this week. I think it's time to overdose on bubble baths and magazines.

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