Flamingo head


I'm supposed to be working really hard but my head is just full of pink flamingos. The real and imaginary, cupcake and casino varieties. When I grow up I'm going to be the crazy lady with a yard full of plastic cheap lawn flamingos. 

There's nothing in the world like the lone half-heart shaped necked bird, when I was a little girl my family took me to a resort every year that had a little lake section full of them and I always had to stop and stare at these things, real-life cartoon characters, magic fantasy weirdos with one leg up and a knock-kneed gait. Fancy and awkward at the same time, glamourous and silly. I'm excited to graduate, I want to throw that hat up in the air and lay in the middle of the pool on a lilo with a flamingo drink stirrer, a silly straw and a huge floppy hat.    

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