Puzzle pieces


Here are some progress pics of the blouse I'm making. Whew, I had lay and sew every ribbon onto the chiffon and then pattern match the stripes on the front while doing French seams! Quite time consuming but I love the final effect and now it's just finishing off with chiffon. I'm surprised by how much quicker I'm picking up new techniques. Your mind holds a lot more of your practical experience than you think, don't doubt yourself like I always do! 

So this is it, the penultimate outfit before the masses of fabric for the corseted couture gown and alterations. I'm feeling a little intimidated by the couture gown because it's so long which means the patterns will be quite large and I will get lost in the fabric, also I haven't made a corset since last year but I did enjoy corsetry so hopefully that will help a little. 
Everything is a process and it's hard for our generation to get our heads around it. In this day and age we want everything so fast, we need instant updates, coffee on the go and online delivery. We're so used to quick results and we forget that being meticulous brings rewards. It's hard to make clothing because you have to think on your feet, you could fit a sleeve too tight and have to run out to get more fabric or the embellishments you got don't sit well so you have to unpick them. It's ok, always be prepared to learn new things and try again. You must never get discouraged in anything you do, we are not complete puzzle pieces that fit perfectly, we are all evolving people and that is exciting! Learn a new language, try to rough it even if you're a room service girl, the beauty of life lies within our ability to take on challenges.

Have a great week!

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