Drapery Transformation- From Rags to Riches


I recently had an assignment for drapery under the theme of "transformation" so I raided my leftover fabric trunk (quite mismatched) and applied the concept of rags to riches. Each time it is draped the bottom half continues to be built on so as to add some nice volume for the final look. It starts out bad then it gets ugly and finally a butterfly emerges from the plaid cocoon for some relief. Much like life, you gotta have the bad to fully appreciate the good and all that jazz!

I started out with a mish mash of pajama fabric, interfacing, some fabric my friend wasn't using and some bubble wrap thrown in for good measure. This is a vagabond, homeless bag lady.

Then she comes into money and has a real tacky moment of piling on flashy status symbols to let us know she's hit the big time. A real nouveau riche hideous piece of work.

Finally her tastes mature and she gives us a more subdued and elegant look with black chiffon and a daring neckline.

Here's another look at the final piece without the harsh camera flash cheapening up the chiffon.

I liked the idea of draping over the previous layers while adjusting the plaid top because it parallels the evolution of a woman's character. You see, underneath all that chiffon, she's still a bubble wrap lover just like the rest of us. 

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