Fashion in Film - 500 Days of Summer


So apparently the jury's out on this one, some of my friends love it, others are over the indie "I'm quirky and I like The Smiths" vibe but I loved this movie and I've been having some fun with Polyvore so I did a Summer inspired look. Summer's style is a little vintage and sweet, with tons of blue tones to pick up her eyes. I loved the expectations vs reality scene and the soundtrack is amazing. This was the film debut of music video director Marc Webb, he did some memorable videos including Regina Spektor's cute "Fidelity".

Possible spoiler- highlight text to see: A lot of people disliked Summer's character but I have to say I really identified with her, she needed to be with Tom so that she could learn from him and vice versa and after that, fate just instilled those lessons. 

I'm so excited for Summer to come, I feel like I'm entering a new chapter in life. I bought the sweetest vintage lacy white dress for graduation and I'm excited to pair it with black accessories, especially the graduation cap!

What did you think of 500 Days of Summer, into it or over it?

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