Fashion in Film - Romy and Michele's High School Reunion


I love this chick flick, it's a real cheesy 90s girl power treat. I adore movies that capture a moment in fashion and go all out with wardrobe. Romy and Michele taught us to be ourselves in all our (sometimes embarrassing) glory because no matter what people think, if you're happy with yourself then everything else will fall into place. The ditzy blondes were ferociously into fashion, devouring trends of the moment. The 90s was all about growing out of the 80s, slowly letting go of all the funky colours ending with a metallic and fluffy swan song before the beginning of the millennium. Romy and Michele may have thought they needed more impressive lives to wow their old classmates but being confident in following their hearts was all that they ever needed.

Romy and Michele lessons
  • Dress for yourself instead of trying to fit in
  • It's better to have no job at all than to be selling ban-lon smocks at Bargain Mart
  • There's no businesswomen special at fast food joints
  • The mean people from high school end up with babies that look like monkeys
  • Don't be afraid of wearing bright colours
  • You can be matchy-matchy
  • Have fun!
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Romy & Michele

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