Rollin' with the homies


I've never before named my fashion college in all my blogs, I attend FEDISA in Cape Town. Going to a small college really has its advantages. The fashion school workload is tough but your peers really make up for it. Our 3rd year class has become a real family this year, from joking about the creepy Turkish guy at our lunch spot to reading shared Heat magazines, from using each other's unpick to singing 90s songs.

 I wasn't happy in high school but at my college everyone seems to be on the same level. The camaraderie is something special, something we have because of our shared love for fashion. The best part is how different we all are but how well we fit together, we're so diverse, how many people can say they sit behind a hilarious gay guy, next to the most savvy Indian girl, in front of the coolest black chick and sweetest muslim girl with a Belgian firecracker at the back? That's just my row, forget about the edgy Michelle who dyes her hair a different colour every month or the straight guy who evens out the estrogen with enough testosterone to make up for half the class and I haven't even mentioned all the others who are such beautiful girls and guys in their own special way. 

Yes, very mushy but the fun we have in class is something I'm really going to miss. I can happily say I love all my fellow 3rd years, I mean when else in life can you quote Clueless with 34 people?

Matt and Ryan discuss if lavender is an old lady colour

Locnville get made-over on the bulletin board

Ryan's tattoo

Group window display tribute

One day you're in, the next day you're OUT.

Roy trying on my Patricia Field half-glove

My girl Purusha

Georgia's toilet paper creation

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