Bodysuits and Believing


This outfit is my favorite piece from my collection. It fits like a glove, I had to take in the neckline and sleeves at the last minute because they were way too big. I also love it because I had to make the entire thing alone and it turned out to be the best sewing to date. My favorite way to hem is flipping up the overlocking and twin needling.

This is one of my "I should be working but I'm blogging" posts. I need a minute to breathe before the intense last couple of weeks. I have so much to do, the little things don't scare me as they can be slotted in daily (or at 3am watching E! at home). It's the huge tasks I'm freaking out about because I need some assistance. I was unhappy with a menswear piece so I threw it out and now I have to make an entire new one. Eeek. I'm excited to make a strapless bra but not so excited about fixing up my jacket. It won't look any different on the outside but on the inside it will. I'm going to be very happy when the time comes for styling and sourcing shoes. So right now I have to visualize being there. 

As soon as I'm finished with all the sewing I think I'm going to make a personal moodboard to put up somewhere I can see daily. I heard from "Mama Oprah", as they call her in class, that this is a somewhat magical project and I'm inclined to believe it because there have been seemingly impossible things in life I believed in hard enough and they came true. So here's hoping all the things we want will come to us with believing, working and a little magic!

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