Changing room fun


So today I went shopping for the first time in ages. I have not seen a change room since Canada basically. My dad jokes that I won't be into shopping anymore because I can make my own clothes, HA. Worst joke/assumption ever. Sure, sometimes I absent-mindedly imagine sewing on the sleeves of something I'm looking at but honestly my aptitude to shop has only increased. Do french seams or rather buy a blouse? We all know the answer. I put on my Urban Outfitters crop top faster than you can say Spring has sprung and headed out. 

I fell in love with this cute half mesh half crochet waistcoast, so delicate! This was the last size they had in the dress, a little big but just gotta toughen it up with some black accessories and mean heels.

When I was changing back I teamed the vest with my puffy leather skirt. I would love to wear this out maybe tucked in with the bra, but where would I get away with it? People would think I was a loon. A slutty loon. BUT THEY'RE A-CUPS! C'mon, there has to be that benefit of a small treasure chest, wearing revealing clothes without looking like a hoochie mama?

Yes yes or no no? YDE has the best stuff I've seen from them in years, they really upped their game this Summer. Gonna show you all the stuff I bought next post. x

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