Glimpses of Summer


I wish I had the patience to be glamourous enough to sleep in this bodysuit with a silk robe on top. These are my buys from the shopping trip; the pretty vest, a champagne blouse and sorbet bodysuits. I got the dangly Edie inspired earrings I was lusting after and an eyeshadow brush that is so easy to use, there's no excuse not to put some on daily.

Today I'm listening to the Wicker Park soundtrack and cleaning up my place after a week of scattered Hawaiian leis, first Spring swims and laying in the sun reading magazines with my lovely friends. I'm back at college on Monday after a week off and this glimpse of Summer is already making me long for a lazy holiday in the sun. My camera broke recently but I did get a chance to photograph my collection for you guys and I can't wait to share it with you!

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