Safety with Style


 I'm always looking for an accessory to toughen up my look and I've found just the thing. Ila Security were kind enough to send me a sample of one of their best-selling items, the Ila DUSK. This cute little keyring is a personal alarm that emits an ear piercing scream that will disorientate a suspicious character and call attention to you if you're in need of help. It screams for you; I don't know if you've ever experienced a loss of voice when faced with a scary situation but it happens to the best of us and with the DUSK all you need to do is pull the little chain and you'll have those precious seconds back in your hands. 

What I love about the DUSK is that it teams safety with sexy, the accessory is stylish and discreet and you wont have to worry about accidentally setting it off like you might with other safety products (I just heard from my friend that a girl set off her pepper spray by mistake at college, not chic). The packaging is fashion student approved (all my friends at college loved it)  and you can be sure to find a design that suits you, it was also in this year's Oscars goodie bag so you'll be in good company.

You can get your DUSK at Busby House, Foschini or Woolworths in South Africa. If you live elsewhere or want more information be sure to visit

Stay safe! 

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